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Terms & Conditions

You must be an adult, aged 18 or over to interact with any of the promoted services.

Adult Premium Rate Text message services on shortcodes 69500 & 69779
You must be aged 18 or over and the billpayer of the phone you use to interact with any of the promoted services.
All received texts cost £ 1.50 each per message received, plus your standard network charge.
You may receive a maximum of two texts per sent message @£1.50 = 2 x £1.50 = £3.00.
Sent & received photos cost £ 1.50 each plus your normal upload/download network costs.
This is NOT a subscription service. This is a virtual text service for fantasy entertainment purposes.
Texts are answered by intermediaries. 07.00-00.00. Service details may appear on the phone bill.
To quit the service send STOP to the code you are using - either 69779 or 69500

Customer Careline: 02031891882

Customer Services: PremTel Net, BM Premtel Net, London, WC1N 3XX.

Promoter & Information Supplier: A Moroz, T/A Premtel Net, 1 Konstantinou Christofidi Street, Sophora Court, Suite 023, Larnaka 6021 Cyprus